Last morning in New York

Good morning!

We are now leaving New York to head back to Boston. We had a lovely time. This morning we went for a fairly fast 2.5 mile run in Mamaroneck, NY near the harbor. It felt good to run after a couple days break. Our legs felt pretty good, which is exactly what we want coming into preseason.

After our run we drove to Jess’ favorite bagel place, Village Square Bagels. Less had never had a New York bagel before and she was excited to finally eat one! Jess ordered a cinnamon raisin bagel and Less got a whole wheat bagel. We ordered a light cream cheese on the side. When we were younger we both only liked our bagels plain, but we eventually learned that it is better to eat a bagel or just bread in general with some sort of spread or topping to keep our sugar levels from spiking up really fast. So now we usually add a light cream cheese. We took our bagels home with us and enjoyed them in the living room while attempting to watch the food channel, but we never found it!


We are making a pit stop before heading on the highway at Jess’ favorite patisserie to pick up food for the road!!

Have a great morning!

~ Jess and Less

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