Only in New York

Hi Friends!

Today was amazing. After breakfast we walked to the Whitney Museum where we saw the Yayoki Kusama exhibit. Her story was really incredible and was expressed through her artwork. We really enjoyed walking through her showcase. We had originally gone to the museum to see her Firefly exhibit but tickets were sold out by 11:30am. After the museum we walked around Central Park. There was a group of kids, we think they were siblings singing near the pond so we stayed and watched for a while until we got hungry.

We stopped in Ladurée, a macaroon shop on the upper east side before heading to lunch because of the line we had seen forming outside the store on Friday. We bought an assortment of 6 different macaroons including rose petal, chocolate, pistachio, lemon-lime, caramel with salted butter, and blackcurrent violet. The macaroons were so light and delicious! We would definitely recommend to anyone to take a trip to this shop. 

For lunch we went to David Burke at Bloomingdales. Both of us had the Large Market Salad with chicken. It was really light and we both love goat cheese so this meal really hit the spot. Jess’ mom got the veggie burger with sweet potato fries and Jess’ sister got the cheeseburger with regular fries. We both tried the fries and loved them. Jess really liked the sweet potato fries. They were really crispy and sweet. Less preferred the regular fries, which were cut a bit thicker but still crunchy and salty! Lunch was great and all but the best part of lunch didn’t come until after. We’re only in New York for one weekend so we figured we had to treat ourselves a little bit. So after lunch we went to SPRINKLES cupcakes! We had stopped in there yesterday to get the doggie cupcake but we decided that today was the day we needed to get a few cupcakes for ourselves. We agreed on the s’mores cupcake and the coconut cupcake with chocolate cake. The cupcakes were SO GOOD. The cake part was extremely soft and fluffy for each of the cupcakes. The s’more cupcake and a graham cracker base with toasted marshmallow frosting and the coconut cupcake had  vanilla frosting with shredded coconut on top. We could have easily tried every singly cupcake in the store but we controlled ourselves.

After our treat we headed downtown to meet up with Patty! Patty was on our soccer team but graduated this past year. It was really nice seeing her today! When we got downtown we walked through Eataly, Chelsea Market, and walked along the High Line Park. Unfortunately, we didn’t buy anything from Eataly or Chelsea Market but we walked in and out of all of the specialty shops and sampled anything we could find! We’ll have to go back there because there were way too many places that we need to try. Walking along the High Line park was beautiful. We were able to see the meatpacking district from above and even see the Hudson River. After leaving Patty we decided to head back up to Jess’ apartment. Her mom had a few containers of food she had gotten from Dishes in Grand Central station so we both made ourselves plates with sweet potato, a pesto salad with edamame and tomato, chicken salad (with pecans YUM), and no-mayo cole slaw.

Today was a great day. Quality eats, beautiful weather, and awesome company. We’re going to miss Jess’ mom when we go back to school but we are also excited to start preseason!

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