Good Morning NY!

Good Morning!

We both slept so well last night. Jess fell asleep around 10pm, she was so tired! Less passed out soon after. This morning we woke up and planned out our day. We are going to go to the Whitney museum soon to see the firefly exhibit, can’t wait! Okay back to breakfast.

We decided to go with what we would call one of our “traditional” breakfast options. We first put together a fruit salad with donut peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and one banana. All of the fruit was extremely fresh, sweet and juicy. Jess’ mom picked it all up for us from the Grand Central Market because she knows how much we love fruit. Jess’ mom also bought us a mini zucchini and carrot loaf from Corrado Bakery on the upper east side.


We paired the fruit salad and zucchini carrot bread with greek yogurt and cups of coffee. It’s a beautiful day today so we hope the weather holds up!







Have a nice day!

~ Jess and Less

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