Hey everyone!

Today was a traveling day for both of us. Jess drove from Boston to New York and left around 5:00am this morning. She was exhausted! She stopped about three times just to get up so that she wouldn’t fall asleep. She also made sure to blast the music and scream throughout the entire 5 hour trip. Note, driving from Boston to New York is only supposed to take 3 hours. She didn’t realize she was “lost” until the miles to Albany seemed to gradually decrease and the eta continue to increase. Oh well, we’re both in NYC now so that horror of a journey is in the past. Because we were both traveling all day, our meals were pretty much snacks. Jess had a mug of Kashi Island Vanilla with soy milk to finish off the box, around 5:00am. Later on she had a large coffee and a banana to feed her some energy while driving.

20120811-181013.jpg She also bought another pack of Joseph’s tortillas and had one of those with a pack of Wild Squirrel nut butter for lunch. When she got home she was starving and quickly ate a mango chobani.(it was eaten REALLY quickly so no picture, sorry!)

Less had a few snacks throughout the day as well to get her through her bus ride. She started with breakfast on the bus! A bowl of Kashi Autumn Harvest with vanilla almond milk and Wild Squirrel vanilla espresso almond butter!! We both love these nut butters. Not only are nut butters good for you providing you with healthy fats, protein, and a variety of vitamins they are also delicious!! We really do love the Wild Squirrel nut butters we received in our variety pack.



When traveling, it’s really smart to pack your meals in order to ensure that you’re getting in your daily nutrients. Otherwise you might find yourself eating a bag of potato chips and a soda if that is all that is available on the bus or train.

We met up downtown and after settling in decided to take a stroll through Central Park. While walking we came across an outdoor concert! We were not too sure of who was performing but it seemed cool. After watching for a bit we left and walked to Sprinkles Cupckaes. Everything looked and smelt soooo good! We were both eyeing the s’mores and peanut butter cupcakes but we ended up leaving with only a doggie cupcake for Billy (Jess’ dog). We got a few weird looks but hey, even a puppy needs a treat every once in a while!



This is what Less had on the bus for lunch:


Portabella mushrooms, roasted red bell peppers, and artichokes with goat cheese and hummus. And a Greek yogurt!

Have a great afternoon!

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