Tonight Jess, Jess’ mom and Less went out to eat at Lumi, a short walk away from Jess’ apartment. For any of you that have seen the Sex and the City, this restaurant is the one that Charlotte is at when her water breaks. Cool fact, right?!

It was nice because the restaurant wasn’t crowded. We went to dinner fairly early for New York City on a Saturday night, around 7 pm.

When we got the menus we all took a while to decide our courses, but we eventually settled on our meals. For appetizers, Jess got a mixed greens salad, and Less got a caprese salad. We were pretty hungry and started eating before taking any pictures and then when we realized it was too late to take any satisfactory picture. And we were trying to eat slowly! Jess was cutting up the greens in an attempt to not finish the salad so quickly and Less cut up each of her three pieces of fresh mozzarella and her tomato slices. The three of us also ate two pieces of olive bread dipped in olive oil with a dash of salt and pepper.

Then it was time for our entrees!! Jess’ mom ordered lamb chops with a side of asparagus and potatoes, Jess ordered scallops with artichokes, and Less ordered hanger steak with arugula and Parmesan cheese. Jess’ artichokes had a light citrus vinegar on them. Delicious! Also the potatoes were incredible. We all ate them 🙂 And the steak was so good! Less hadn’t had a steak in a while. And it went perfectly with the arugula.



After eating our incredible dinners we took a little break since we cleaned our plates! Then we ordered some dessert and decaf coffee. We decided to get two desserts to share between the three of us. The pistachio cake and the chocolate cake were the winners! And they were amazing! We would definitely recommend them both. Our favorite one was the pistachio though. Jess can drink really hot coffee but Less can’t and drank her coffee using the baby spoon while she waited for it to cool down!







We finally took our first picture of the two of us! Consider this the first release of Jess and Less!!


One last thing we wanted to mention about Lumi is that they have an entire gluten-free menu! We did not know this until this very nice couple told us about it. We forgot to ask for the menu to give you an idea of their entrees, but they are probably just as tasty! Lumi definitely gets our recommendation 🙂

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