Dinner at Park

Hi everyone it’s Less! Last night Kevin and I went out to dinner. Originally the plan was to go out to Boston, but then it started pouring and we decided to just stay in Cambridge. Besides, Cambridge is full of great restaurants!

We ate at Park which is located right on JFK st. near Staples where Red line used to be. The ambience was nice although there seemed to be some sort of party going on near the bar? I didn’t find it too distracting or loud though. My mom would really like the restaurant I think because the lights were very dim. At home we like to joke that my mom likes to eat in the dark. We got our menus and then I spent probably 10 minutes trying to decide what I wanted. At first I couldn’t decide between the chickpea burger, tomato risotto with mozzarella and basil, or the half chicken. It all sounded so good! Eventually, I knocked out the chickpea burger. I was having a hard time choosing until I remembered I hadn’t eaten any protein for lunch and that I should eat some if I wanted my legs and muscles to recover/repair. So I ended up choosing the half chicken. And it ended up being a great decision because it was delicious!! Haha I must have really needed my protein because I pretty much ate my whole plate. The vegetables that were on the plate (tomato and cucumber) were delicious as well. And the super soft balsamic drenched bread. All the flavors were amazing and tasted wonderfully together.


Kevin ordered a patty melt. I had a bit and it was very good!! I can remember exactly everything that was in it but the beef was very tasty. Also the fries were good, not greasy and with a good amount of flavor.


We also ate some cheese and crackers before our meal, both made at the restaurant. The crackers were really good, almost tortilla like but light and a little airy? They were good, trust me. And the cheese too! I struggled spreading the cheese on the cracker haha. I kept breaking the cracker!!




Overall the dinner was fantastic. I was happily full after, but not too full! I definitely recommend the restaurant and will be going there again in the future. Maybe I’ll try one of the other two dishes I was considering next time! After dinner, we went on a short walk and then back to our rooms to pack! Moving out is never fun, but I get to spend the weekend with Jess in New York City! I am very excited.

What did you have for dinner last night?

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