This evening both Jess and Less attended some pretty great events. Jess went to a talent show performed by young children who were part of a summer school program run by one of her very close friends, Maddy. The kids were absolutely adorable and were kind of sassy too! She enjoyed the performances very much! Jess was kind of in a weird food mood and didn’t really make a proper dinner. She ended up eating snacks for dinner? Acceptable? She ate chips and salsa, grapes, zucchini bread, and coffee oreo ice cream. Not all together though! 

Less attended an event for incoming local Harvard freshmen parents with a few other Harvard students. She was invited by Jess’ roommate Hunt, who lives nearby Cambridge. The purpose of this event was to kind of to do a meet & greet amongst all the parents, but we were there in order to talk to the parents and answer any questions they might have about their children attending/adjusting to Harvard. It was a really cool event. We all enjoyed answering questions and meeting the parents! We were standing for quite a long time so our feet were sore at the end and we were getting pretty hungry since it was during dinner time! Luckily, there were some fantastic hors d’oeuvres including mini (and I mean mini mini like 1 bite size) chicken tacos, chicken dumplings, and spring rolls. There were also platters filled with vegetables, nuts, and cheese and crackers and after finishing up the question and answer session, Less filled up a plate! Less and Lizzy LOVED (all caps completely necessary) the goat cheese. It was too good! Hopefully you can see how good it is just by looking at the plate haha. Less’ plate included goat cheese, another cheese she didn’t end up liking, grapes, cherry tomatoes, pistachios, a few crackers, red bell peppers, baby broccoli, and cranberries. We still weren’t full after the event was over, so Hunt drove us (there were five of us total) to WHOLE FOODS and we got some food/snacks to eat before heading back to Farwell. Back at Farwell, Less met up with Jess and the rest of the Farwell roommates. She completed dinner by eating a little fruit from a fruit bowl she got at the grocery store, some zucchini bread and, yes, ice cream.

Tomorrow we are working out in the afternoon since we will be working out both morning and afternoon during pre-season! We need to get used to running/practicing in the heat instead of just standing in it like we have been the last couple days at camp. Pre-season is only a week away!

Good night!

~Jess & Less

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