Back to normal

Hello and good morning!

We got back to our regular morning routine this morning. So fun! Today we ran a sprint workout, and then lifted afterwards.


Two 300 yd shuttles (cone at 25 yds). Rest 1:30 in between.

Eight 20 yd sprints

Six 40 yd sprints

Four 60 yd sprints

Three 80 yd sprints

Two 100 yd sprints

We have begun to taper a little bit. This workout was much shorter than the ones we have been doing the past few weeks. 

After our workout, we walked to Dunkin Donuts for some iced coffee. We really needed it this morning. Jess ate her breakfast before working out because she wasn’t going to have time to eat in between morning workout and soccer camp. She had the same breakfast as yesterday, Cinnamon Harvest shredded wheat cereal with almond milk. Does the picture look familiar?


JLess’ coffee on the left and Jess’ on the right!

Less ate plain non-fat greek yogurt with banana and a little bit of Autumn Harvest shredded wheat cereal.


Do you like putting cereal in your yogurt?

On another note, the zucchini bread didn’t get made last night because the oven broke. 😦 That explains why we didn’t eat it this morning. Hopefully it starts working again!

Happy Tuesday!

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