Hot afternoon

After yesterday’s breakfast, Less got a nice surprise and found out that she didn’t have to go into work today. So she and Jess hung at Jess’ for a bit and then we had a great idea to go shopping! LF was having a sale and we decided to go check it out. Jess had a successful shopping experience and got some new dresses! Less did as well, but she made her purchases later that afternoon.

Eventually, it was time for lunch! Jess did have to go to work but only for two hours. What a nice Friday! She bought herself a delicious wrap from Crema Cafe. The wrap was filled with sweet potato, avocado, green papaya, and hummus. That was Jess’ first time buying a pre-made sandwich from there and she was quite impressed!

Less went to Annenberg dining hall for lunch, but she brought some different foods to add more flavor to her meal. She made a salad with a romaine lettuce base, cucumbers, goat cheese, carrots, blueberries, green apple, green bell peppers, balsamic vinegar, and a couple potato wedges on the side. It was a pretty good salad!

It was so hot yesterday afternoon that after Jess got off work, we felt the need to get something to help cool us off. Can you guess what we got? BERRYLINE. It’s the best froyo out there. Once again, we got the same thing haha. We ordered blueberry and peanut butter side by side with banana as the topping. We wanted a topping that would taste great with both flavors and banana seemed to be the best choice. It was hard not to eat the froyo quickly because it was melting so fast, but we managed to eat most of it with a baby spoon 🙂 We walked to the Charles River where we met up with a few friends and hung out for a bit.

What do you do on a hot afternoon?

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