Belated breakfast

Happy Saturday!

Yesterday we had a wonderful day outside and in the kitchen that we were not able to post our lunch and dinner until today, but hopefully you’ll still check those posts out!

This morning felt so great because neither of us set our alarms for the crack of dawn. In fact, we didn’t set our alarms at all. 🙂

When Less woke up she went for a run. It was rather hot out and therefore not very pleasant. Her legs felt heavier than usual, likely due to the stadium yesterday! When she got back, she got ready and then went to eat. It was almost noon, so that would technically mean its lunch time, but Less ate breakfast instead. She had a bowl of cereal! And not just any cereal, Kashi’s Autumn Wheat cereal, which is shredded wheat cereal. She ate her cereal with almond milk and a sliced up banana on top. She also ate blueberries and carrots (not really a breakfast food, but she made an exception). 

Jess ate breakfast earlier than Less. This morning, she had a bowl of oatmeal (what a shocker!) She microwaved Trader Joe’s rolled oats with water in the microwave for a few minutes. She added cut up fruit on top, including banana, peach, and strawberries. In the middle of her bowl, she added a little brown sugar and some almond milk. A sprinkle of chia seeds on top!

Later this afternoon Jess is going to tea! What sorts of tea and tea sandwiches will she be having? What would you have?

Have a great rest of your day!

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