Bon Chon

Hello, it’s Jess!

Last night two of my friends and I decided to go out to eat to a pretty new restaurant in the square. Pamela, one of my roommates suggested Bon Chon, a small chain known for their Korean fried chicken. Let me tell you, it was so good! I am often skeptical about places that are known for anything fried but Pamela had been raving about this fried chicken for so long that I had to give in. We ordered a medium combo plate of the fried chicken which came with 10 wings and 5 drumsticks, half with the soy garlic sauce and half with hot sauce. My favorite was the soy garlic sauce. The sauce gave the wings and drumsticks the perfect combination of sweet and savory which I love. The hot sauce was WAY too hot for me. I really liked it but […] I am almost positive I was eating and crying at the same time because I couldn’t handle the heat. We also ordered three other entrees to split between all of us. I ordered the Okdol Bimbimbob which was a rice bowl served in a steaming hot stone bowl with vegetables and bulgolgi (korean bbq beef). It was incredible, the vegetables were extremely fresh and the flavors combined really nicely with the korean bbq beef. We also ordered a plate of pan seared dumplings, and cold buckwheat noodles which came in a very refreshing broth. Out of the three other entrees my favorite was the bimbimbop even though the cold noodles definitely added a refreshing touch after eating the scorching hot wings. If you’re ever looking for good korean food I would recommend Bon Chon. Although it is a chain, the service was great and the food was extremely flavorful. 

After dinner we met up with Less who was having an ice cream study break. We probably had one too many scoops, but it was SO GOOD we couldn’t stop!

Bon Chon

57 JFK Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

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