Today Less and Jess both took naps before lunch. Jess took hers after breakfast, before going to work, while Less took her nap after work. Less was only at work for an hour and a half today. She got a nice surprise and was told there wasn’t much that needed to be done. No complaints here!

After napping, Less was ready for lunch. Except for some reason she felt like having breakfast again. Not sure what it is about breakfast foods but they are the best. And they are pretty versatile too! Eggs, nut butters, fruit, yogurt, even cereal and oatmeal are perfectly acceptable to eat at all hours of the day. At least in our books they are! 

Less fixed herself up a nice plate of breakfast related items including a mango, fresh from the market, a banana, raspberries, a large spoonful of Greek yogurt, and a slice of whole wheat bread slathered with almond butter. She also ate some dried fruit afterwards!



Jess fixed herself up more of a typical lunch. But she did eat Greek yogurt (a staple food item, and probably one of the most versatile foods that exists). Seriously though, Greek yogurt goes with almost everything! It can be topped with fruit and or honey and be sweet or used in dressings, or salads (ex. cucumber salads), or mixed up in the way that Jess has been eating it the past couple lunch and dinners. For this meal, Jess added Greek yogurt to a spinach, broccoli, and cranberry bowl.


It is currently pouring rain outside. Ah! What is up with the weather?!


How do you like your Greek yogurt?

Sweet, savory, or both?!

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