Similar ingredients, completely different meals

Last night Jess and Less both included rice and broccoli in their dinners but they incorporated them in different ways. Less ate dinner after Jess and had no idea what Jess had eaten prior to cooking her dinner.

Jess’ delicious broccoli and brown rice bowl also consisted of greek yogurt and goat cheese. She mixed it all up with her fork. Yum yum! After her main course, Jess made a fruity smoothie by blending frozen berries with some oats and of course, greek yogurt. She also ate some carrots and hummus on the side. 

Less incorporated her broccoli and rice as sides to her main dish of Pangasius fish from Trader Joe’s. She cooked the fish on the stove in a pan. She first poured a little olive oil in the pan and then added chopped up white onion and garlic. Then she put in the fish and added rosemary, lemon juice from fresh leyme, black pepper, salt, sun dried tomatoes, oregano, and ground cayenne red pepper. Every five minutes, Less turned the fish over for approx 15-20 min. The fish was soft and juicy! This is one of the few fish that Less will eat. She only likes seafood with a mild/preferable no “fishy” smell. The dinner was a treat! It had been a while since Less had eaten fish. Later, she ate a banana with a little bit of honey.

What is your favorite seafood?

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