Lunch, give us energy

We are both still pretty tired. We thought that our large iced coffees would do the trick, but a 5:00am wake-up can sometimes get to you. Even if you do it everyday. Yesterday we biked to Trader Joe’s and Jess picked up a can of split pea soup. When her stomach started to growl she decided to just heat that up for lunch. She put a bit of greek yogurt on top because greek yogurt makes everything better (or so we believe!).  Less had a pretty gourmet sandwich with avocado and sun dried tomato on whole wheat with a few carrots, a banana, and some nuts (walnuts, pistachios, cranberries, sunflower seeds). Jess also snacked on a granny smith apple between breakfast and lunch. We are playing pick-up soccer this evening which should be fun! Hopefully we get a surge of energy. A nap would do us both good.

What are your plans for the afternoon?

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