United at last!!!

Hello everyone!

Jess and Less are finally together again! It’s very exciting. We are currently watching the Olympics and enjoying each other’s company =) Less ate some of the zucchini bread Jess brought back from the Vineyard and she loved it. What a treat!

Jess ate a yummy dinner before getting on a train to come back to school. She ate rice, three pieces of sesame chicken, and some broccoli.

Tonight Less went to Au Bon Pain (ABP) for dinner. She ordered a salad with grilled chicken, red grapes, roasted red bell peppers, roasted corn, and balsamic vinegar. The salad came with a wheat baguette. Back in her room she had some fruit and hummus and created a plate with salad, the wheat baguette, hummus, and a white peach. So delicious! Later on, her friend Caitlin came over and brought her fruit from a farmer’s market and she ate a couple “dragon eyes”!!

We will be going to bed soon to get ready for our early morning wake up! Good night!

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