Last night I didn’t eat a proper dinner, partly because I was still full from all we ate at the food truck festival, and partly because it was raining SO hard that I couldn’t get myself to leave my room. I ate food that I had in my room including one of the Lara bars I got from the festival, a mini bag of nuts, and some dried mango and prunes. Later on, I ventured over to Lizzy’s house where I ate dessert. I had a homemade peanut butter cup made by a friend, Cassie and a slice of blueberry oatmeal bread made by Lizzy. Yum!

Today I ate my usual oatmeal for brunch. I topped it with flax seeds and a banana and a little brown sugar. I drank some skim milk and also ate a slice of peach tea bread and a whole wheat chocolate muffin top!

I am spending the rest of the afternoon relaxing watching the Olympics!! Swimming is on right now and it’s pretty exciting. Women’s gymnastics is going to be on soon too! Later on, I’ll be playing pick up with my teammates. Also, I believe Jessie may be coming home tonight?!

What’s your favorite Olympic sport?

~ Less

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