Good afternoon!

Today my lunch was pretty boring. I tried to spice up the standard salad I make in the dining hall by creating my own marinade for the grilled chicken that I ordered. I combined balsamic vinegar with a little red wine vinegar and a splash of teriyaki sauce. I also added black pepper, oregano, and other spices (Mr. Dash with no salt). I was happy that they had spinach to use as the base of my salad. Spinach is one my favorite types of leafy greens, especially for salads. I topped my salad with chickpeas, tomatoes, steamed broccoli, feta cheese, cucumbers, and shredded carrots. I also ate some cut potatoes on the side. Sadly, they didn’t make it into my picture because while I was waiting FOREVER for my grilled chicken, I got hungry and ate them. While my lunch was not very creative, I was still satisfied with the meal.

On another note, my packages from Open Sky came today! I was pretty excited to go pick them up at the mail center. I was a little surprised at how big the bracelet and anklet weights were. The anklet weights were actually thinner than the wrist ones, which doesn’t make sense to me. I would rather the bracelets be smaller and less noticeable. I tried switching them, but the wrist weights didn’t fit around my ankles! So I guess I just have to wear them like they are supposed to be. It’s weird, but I do notice a difference wearing them. I was not expecting them to feel like anything but 4 lbs does make a difference, especially when it’s on my wrist and ankles (I have very small wrists).

See, doesn’t it look oddly huge on my wrist? It didn’t look like that on the models on the site. Maybe I really am wearing them backwards. I’ll have to try switching them around again. On the other hand, I love my belt! I am wearing it right now hehe. I just had to test it out!! I think I will actually test it out tomorrow by going on a run along the river. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchases. If I can figure out how to best wear the weights, I’ll be more pleased, but they are functional so I won’t complain too much.

Have a nice afternoon!


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