Who doesn’t like leftovers?

The light rain had stopped by the time I (Less) walked back to the dining hall from work. I was hopeful for a few minutes that would be the end of the rain, but then I checked the weather and saw that there are thunderstorms starting around 4 pm through tomorrow morning. What a bummer! I guess that means no outdoor pick-up tonight. As bummed as I was/still am about the weather, I was excited for lunch today because I still had some leftover chicken from last night. Yum yum!  I fixed up a chicken bowl with brown rice and broccoli.  The chicken was still nice and tender, even after heating it up in the microwave. I was impressed! I think it’s because I saved the chicken in the marinade. I dressed the broccoli and rice in the marinade also for added flavor. What a great lunch!

The dining hall recently got some non-fat Irish Mint frozen yogurt. I really like mint (Jess HATES it!). I hadn’t had that in a while so I treated myself to a dessert of froyo with a small brownie on the side. Delicious!

Have a nice afternoon! Hopefully your weather is better where you are!

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