Good evening!

I was convinced that it would start storming around 4 pm because that is what multiple weather websites had told me. But of course it didn’t. I should know by now that New England weather is completely unpredictable. At 4 pm and even 6 pm the weather was gorgeous and sunny. Some storm. Around 7 pm it started getting a little gloomier; I feel a storm coming. It has to, right? It’s not like I even want it to storm, but since I’ve been talking about a storm all day I feel like it just needs to happen.

After my afternoon class, I ate some frozen grapes (YUMMY!), dried mango, and carrots. Then I went to supervise a high school soccer game and then came back home. I didn’t eat dinner until pretty late tonight because I decided to eat the food that I got for my students for tonight’s study break.  I ordered us a dinner platter of baked ziti and a greek  salad from Noch’s. I had never ordered anything from there besides pizza so I wasn’t sure how it would taste, I was pleasantly surprised with the meal. It doesn’t compare to my meal from last night, though I wasn’t expecting it to haha.

Another early wake up coming tomorrow morning. Last one of the week! Also, I just want to throw out how excited I am for the OLYMPICS!! I can’t wait for tomorrow evening!


~ Less

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