Hello and good morning! It felt great to wake up this morning because I woke up without any sort of alarm. I decided last night I wouldn’t set an alarm because I was planning on doing a pool workout on my own and I could either work out when I woke up or after my class. Since my body is so used to waking up at the crack of dawn (minor exaggeration), I naturally woke up at 8 am. That’s sleeping in for me! I decided to head straight to the pool. I had looked at some swim workouts online last night and decided I would try this one out. 

Swim workout (the pool I swam in was 25 meters long)

Warm up (about 150 meters)

4 x 50 meters fast

1 x 50 meters slow

2 x 50 meters build-up

3 x 50 meters fast

1 x 50 meters slow

4 x 50 meters fast

Rest 20 sec between each 50 meter rep.

I am not much of a swimmer, so this was a great workout for me (I swam on a clubteam in 5th and 6th grade, but that was so long ago!!). It felt great on my joints and my foot and shin, which have been giving me a few problems this summer. I thought it was a good idea to back off a little from land exercise. But let me tell you, I am much more comfortable on land! I don’t know how swimmers do it!

After my swim, I headed to Annenberg for breakfast. I had bought some blueberries a couple days ago and I brought some with me to eat with my breakfast. I also brought with me a bag of chia seeds that my mom sent me in the mail yesterday! I was so excited when I opened the package. I have been meaning to try them, but I had never gotten around to buying them.


The dining hall was serving French toast so I thought I could try out my luck again and see if I would able to get another piece of whole wheat French toast made. But alas, the cook was out of the egg batter! Bummer. No worries though, instead I made peanut butter and honey toast. I cut up a banana and put it on top! I also had a small cup of oatmeal with flax seeds, CHIA seeds, a little brown sugar, and my blueberries. I’ve decided I LOVE chia seeds. They have a nice little crunch to them and they are very nutritious. I was overall very satisfied with my breakfast.

The weather is not looking too great this morning. It was starting to drizzle as I left the dining hall to go to work. I hope it gets better, but I was told it’s supposed to be bad weather all day 😦 My teammates and I were planning on playing pick-up soccer tonight. I would not want it to get cancelled! We already cancelled Tuesday because of thunder and lightening. Wish me some better weather!

What do you do on gloomy days?

Have a great rest of your morning!


3 thoughts on “Aqua

  1. Hope the weather improves and you get to play your pick up game. On gloomy days, I would preferred to stay in bed and read a good book!


    • Unfortunately, I don’t think pick-up is happening today. There is a flash flood watch and thunderstorms coming in a few hours through 8 am tomorrow morning 😦 I think I’ll be curling up in bed later today and also reading!


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