Rooftop beauty

Good evening! It’s Less 🙂

When I got off work, I biked over to my roommate’s house. My roomie lives in Boston and we had planned on cooking dinner together.The bike over was so lovely. I traveled along the river and it was great to see so many people walking/running/biking as I rode by. Shortly after my arrival, we headed to the kitchen and started preparing our meal! We decided to make a chicken and arugula salad. While I have watched my mom and dad prepare and cook chicken, I had never actually done it myself. I never liked the idea of touching raw chicken with my bare hands! But today I went for it without hesitation. Not sure what got into me! I cut up all the chicken and then we began to prepare the chicken marinade. We mixed together balsamic vinegar, red wine, olive oil, paprika, powdered mustard, chopped up garlic, salt, and dried rosemary. It smelled wonderful. Then we poured it all over the chicken and let it sit for a bit.

In the meantime, […] we sautĂ©ed sliced sweet white onions in a pan with olive oil. We had a lot of onion in the pan and once they had just started to brown we took most of them out. We decided we would eat them on the side. Then we poured all the chicken and marinade into the pan. We covered the pan with a lid and I checked on it every few minutes or so until the chicken was cooked. So juicy and tender!! I am so happy the chicken turned out to be a success!

While the chicken was cooking, we fixed up our salad. Our base was arugula and we added chopped up carrots, red bell pepper, garlic and herb goat cheese, and a delicious homemade balsamic vinegar dressing.
Once everything was ready, we headed to the rooftop to eat! The view was absolutely beautiful. We stayed up there for a while enjoying our food and our surroundings.

It began to get cold once the sun set and then we headed inside for dessert. We used a small food processor to mix up frozen peaches as our base for homemade fruit ice cream. Georgina doesn’t like bananas so we went with peaches instead! We added vanilla Greek yogurt on the side! We enjoyed our dessert while watching an episode of Covert Affairs. I had never seen that show before, but I enjoyed it!

After the episode I bid farewell to my roomie and then biked back home. What a fun evening!

What are your favorite tv shows?

Enjoy the rest of your night!

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