All over the place

It’s finally lunch time! I was starving, and rushed to the dining hall to eat some food. I met up with some of my students and we all sat together. One of the girls was talking about how in her psychology class they were discussing the notion that individuals tend to eat more when they are surrounded by more people. She was saying that it must be true because she got up for seconds! I am not sure if I believe it because there have been times when I have been with a lot of people and I wasn’t that hungry and therefore didn’t eat that much, but there have definitely been times where I’ve gone back for seconds or even thirds. Today I believed it! Not because I ate seconds, but just because I prepared a somewhat aggressive meal and basically ate it all. Why was I so hungry? I think it was because it had been almost 5 hours since I last ate! What do you think about what my student said? Do you think it is true?

My student was also saying that when food is put in front of you or given to you, then you will eat it just because it was handed to you. I definitely agree with that statement. I am not sure what it is, but people love free food! People love food and people love almost anything free, so free food is about the best thing there is. Like me earlier for breakfast. That Greek yogurt was so good and the fact that it was also free made it that much more amazing 🙂 Now that I am rambling, onto my lunch. Like I said, […] I was hungry, so I made myself a fairly large salad. The base was romaine lettuce, and I added tomatoes, carrots, chickpeas, beets, red onions, broccoli, and balsamic vinegar on top. On the side I had a few potato fries and a small slice of multigrain margherita pizza. I also ate a piece of chicken, but I took off most of the bread part and just ate the white meat. I probably should have just ordered a grilled chicken, but I was feeling a bit lazy and the dining hall was pretty crowded. I think this morning’s workout must have finally gotten to my body. Though I believe I have now supplied it with enough nutrients to repair my muscles and keep myself energized the rest of the day!

Have a wonderful afternoon!


One thought on “All over the place

  1. I think what your student said could be true. I have been in situations where I am really not hungry, but have eaten anyways because others are doing so.


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