Teaming up

Hello! Less here. I got up early again to workout before work. I was surprisingly awake and full of energy this morning. My teammates kept saying I was hyper and energetic. I wouldn’t be surprised if they said that to me later in the morning, but before 7 am is definitely unusal. I am normally a zombie so early in the morning. I think I may have been more excited because today my teammate and I were going to work out with two of our friends who play field hockey. I’ve never done a full running workout with athletes not on my team. Usually teams work out separately from other teams, and our team is no exception. But today, we spiced things up a bit. I think it’s awesome that we worked out together. It’s great to see teams coming together to prepare for their respective upcoming seasons. After all, we are representing the same school, so why not work together? We ran part of the field hockey’s fitness test and then did a sprint workout afterwards. We ran on the field hockey field. That field is so nice! It is soft and has great grip. 


Joggers: run an 100 yd shuttle (5o yd and back) in 19 sec or less. Then jog across the field (100 yds) in 35 sec. Rest the rest of the minute. Repeat 3 more times. Then run an 100 yd shuttle (25 yd and back, 25 yd and back) in 22 sec or less. Then jog across the field (100 yds) in 1 min 10 sec. If you get to the end line with extra time, use that time to rest. This completes your 5th jogger and makes up 1 set.

We ran 2 sets and then two more of the 5o yd joggers. We took a brief stretch before starting the sprint workout.

8 x 20 yds

6 x 40 yds

4 x 60 yds

3 x 80 yds

2 x 100 yds

Each sprint is full speed. Use the walk back to the start as recovery.

Our legs felt a little heavy at the end, but overall it wasn’t bad!

My breakfast was quite satisfying this morning. Annenberg was serving french toast and I really wanted some, but on 100% whole wheat bread. I asked politely if it would be possible for the chef to make me french toast using a slice of whole wheat bread and I was told it was! I had never thought to ask before but I am so glad I did today.

I topped with fresh french toast with honey and a sliced up banana. I also had a cupful of oatmeal with flaxseed and some muffin tops. Milk on the side! I also drank chocolate milk as my recovery drink, but I finished it before I had a chance to take a photograph! Whoops. I love muffin tops. Now don’t get me wrong, I like entire muffins as well, but this morning I only felt like the tops. They are the best part! Whenever I only eat the top of a muffin, I feel a little guilty for being wasteful. If only it were possible to make just muffin tops. My dad is OBSESSED with muffin tops. If we ever have muffins in the house he will go into the kitchen and take all the tops off and kindly leave the bottoms for us! How sweet of him. Haha.

Do you prefer muffin tops, bottoms, or the whole thing? What bread do you prefer to use for french toast?

Have a wonderful day!

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