Random dinner

Hey everyone! It’s Less again. My monday nights are really busy and I don’t have time to grab dinner before work at my lab and then refereeing volleyball. Let me explain though. I don’t actually have to do any sort of refereeing. I am there mostly to just make sure the teams are dividing evenly and that the students are having a good time. Sometimes I join in and play, and other times I rest and watch. I ref with another undergraduate and she usually plays the whole time, while I monitor and help rotate students into the game. Last night though I took refereeing to a whole new level. I was watching students play, and it was so hot that I thought maybe lying down would help me feel better. However, lying down just put me right to sleep. I don’t know what it was that got me so tired (maybe the early morning workout?), but I was passed out for over an hour. My co-ref said the players thought about waking me up, but I just looked so tired that they didn’t want to disturb me. I almost got hit a few times! I guess that’s what I get for falling asleep near a volleyball match!

Anyways, when I woke up the game was almost done, and then I helped clean up the court. I was starving when I got back to my room and decided to create a plate of food. Unfortunately, I’ve eaten pretty much everything in my fridge. I piled a variety of what I consider to be snack foods onto a plate including carrots and hummus, celery (which turned out not to be crunchy and actually quite disapointing), nuts, oyster crackers, prunes and dried mango. Pretty random if you ask me, but hey, it’s all I had available! This didn’t really fill me up, but I had a meeting an hour later where I knew there would be more food. At the meeting I ate green grapes, a few chips piled with GUACAMOLE (my favorite) and one grilled shrimp (I wanted more, but I got the last one). After all that, I was finally full. I don’t like eating so late. Hopefully I can get my act together next Monday and actually eat a real dinner!


What did Jess eat for dinner? What do you eat when you feel like there is nothing in your house for dinner?

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