Sunday Sundaes

Since I (Less) ate brunch pretty late, I was not hungry until dinner time. I did eat a few almonds before pick up (gotta eat my protein!) and afterwards playing soccer, Peyton and I headed to Annenberg for dinner. Boy by then we were hungry! Though we both have eaten what I feel like is a lot of ice cream this weekend, we could not resist having a sundae. Usually on sundays the dining halls have Richardson’s ice cream and all kinds of toppings for students to make sundaes. However, in the summer time it only happens every two weeks. I am not sure if you have noticed by now, but ice cream/frozen yogurt is hands down my favorite type of dessert. I would easily choose ice cream over any type of baked good. Not sure why that is exactly, but maybe I just like the coldness? Anyways, we headed straight for the ice cream. Dessert before dinner is perfectly acceptable, right? We tried this crunch ice cream. It seemed a little weird because it was a blue color, but the ice cream tasted perfectly fine and it had some chocolate crunchy things in it which were great. We both topped our ice cream with peanuts which gave the dessert even more crunch. I was unsure if I would like the weird blue ice cream so I split my ice cream half  blue ice cream and half vanilla.

So after eating dessert, we went back to eating real dinner. I ate a small herb roasted chicken breast and pasta with red pepper flakes and oregano. I also had a small spinach salad on the side topped with feta cheese, chick peas, peas, mushrooms and black pepper. What a wonderful nutritious dinner!

Last night was also The Bachelorette finale. I really got into this season and was very excited to watch it. I was really hoping Jef would be the one to end up with Emily because they seemed great for each other. I don’t want to spoil it for any of you, so I’ll stop right there. I already spilled the beans on accident to one of my friends living on the West Coast. I had forgotten that we are three hours ahead! In order to properly celebrate the finale, I made some homemade popcorn. Made with just a little vegetable oil, and salt and black pepper! Healthy and delicious! And then I ate sour patch kids…not so healthy 😦 but still delicious. I invited a few friends over and we all watched it together!

I think I’ve eat enough dessert to last me a while. Okay that’s not true. Maybe just a couple of days. After all, I would hate to get sick of my favorite dessert! What’s your favorite dessert?

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