Old School

Good afternoon! It’s Less. Annenberg was not performing for lunch today. I was pretty disappointed. There wasn’t even any spinach to make a salad! Just iceberg lettuce, if you can even call that lettuce. So instead I decided to make a sandwich that I hadn’t had in a while: Peanut butter and honey on whole wheat bread! I never got into jelly or jam so it’s always been peanut butter and honey for me and my family. I am always reminded of grade school when I eat them. I guess I must have eaten them way too often! They are good though. Freshmen year we discovered that Annenberg had a panini maker, and since then have been making peanut butter and honey/jelly paninis. Today was no different. I felt that my meal was missing vegetables, so I scoured the dining hall and discovered steamed broccoli, fresh peas, chick peas, and carrots. I also added a few potato tots. H2O on the side.

I wonder what Jess had for lunch today? I hear she is spending the day at the beach! That must be so nice.

What kinds of sandwiches did you have growing up?

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