A hello from the Vineyard!

Hello everyone, it’s Jess!

I am currently on vacation in the Vineyard and having a great time. I have been super busy and unable to blog my eats and I feel like I am cheating you all. So here is what I have even up to/eating. Yesterday I went on a nice run to the beach, it was absolutely beautiful. I went between breakfast and lunch so that I would be back just in time to eat my second meal. I often plan my days around meals ;). Now that I have a little bit of time to relax this morning, I am going to tell you what i’ve been up to! 

So for lunch I had, you can guess. A sweet potato with greek yogurt. After lunch my sister and I went on a long bike ride around the island and then went back to the pool to rest and read my book. A few hours later we realized that we had to decide on where we were going to eat dinner. We agreed on Slice of Life and it was great! I had the special salad which included mixed greens, sun dried tomatoes, dried figs, goat cheese, bacon and a balsamic reduction. I substituted the bacon for a file of salmon and it was SO GOOD. After dinner my family and I headed back to the house and watched Meet the Fockers. I was asleep by 10:00pm, it was such a relaxing day.

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