Good evening!

Guess what we ate for dinner tonight? Salad and vegetables. Typical. Although Less did add some quinoa with eggplant and a small soft white bread roll to her meal that looked too good to pass up. She was not in the mood for romaine lettuce AGAIN, so instead she just piled on the veggies: green peppers, peas, corn, beets, chickpeas, and carrots. Jess finished off her last salad from Trader Joe’s, the Harvest Salad with grilled chicken. This is the same type of salad she ate just a few nights ago with a hard boiled egg, corn, cheddar cheese, black beans, etc. She also ate watermelon. Jess ate her dinner on the train because she is headed home! How nice 🙂

Tonight Less treated herself to some Oreo and cookie dough ice cream from Lizzie’s. So delicious! And she also had a small homemade cookie. Jessie chose a healthier option of a fruit salad that consisted of delightful berries. Yum yum! Her plan was to get some froyo with her sister but her train took longer than expected. What a bummer. But berries are a great alternative!

Jess is headed to the Vineyard tomorrow and Less is hopefully going for the day tomorrow as well. What is your favorite kind of ice cream? Do you prefer ice cream or froyo?

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