Early risers

Oh my goodness the movie was amazing!!!

we got to the theatre around 10:30!

We wouldn’t mind seeing it again, but during the day next time instead of midnight. We didn’t get out of the theatre until past 3 am and it took FOREVER to find a cab to take us home. We hadn’t planned on working out in the morning but for whatever reason we woke up and headed to the track to get in our last hard workout of the week.


Run 140 meters in 30 sec, jog/walk 60 meters in 30 sec. Continue for 20 min.

Essentially, you are completing a full lap around the track every two minutes, running hard for 30 sec, and then jogging for 30 sec. This workout was recommended to us by Less’ best friend from home who plays D1 soccer at UC Davis. We decided to run 12 laps around the track (3 miles in 24 min). It was a pretty tough Friday workout!!

Breakfast this morning was delicious! Guess what we ate today? OATMEAL! With Greek yogurt of course. Jess made her oatmeal from rolled oats made with water, almond milk and 1/2 a banana. Once cooked, she added a dollop of Greek yogurt, a tsp of chia seeds, and topped it with some kashi honey puffs and the other half of the banana. And she even added a bit of almond butter on the spoon!

Less, on the other hand ate steel cut oatmeal. She added about 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 1 tsp brown sugar, and flax seeds to the oatmeal, and mixed it all together. She also cut up a banana and added it on top with a little drizzled honey on top of the banana. She also drank a few sips of chocolate muscle milk for extra protein.

Now we are off to work!

What did you have for breakfast this morning?




2 thoughts on “Early risers

  1. You guys are so sophisticated! Love the descriptions. For some reason “drizzled” was my fav today. Also, I had an acai bowl with a banana and granola this morning. The lovely people at Jamba Juice made it for me (shout out!)


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