Sleepy heads

Good Morning!

Last night we watched The Dark Knight and stayed up kind of late (11:00pm!) so this morning was a bit of a slow start for us. We met in the locker room at 6am and contemplated sleeping on the floor for another hour to get some extra rest in. BUT no, we just figured we’re already awake, let’s just get our workout in. This morning we ran one of our fitness test options.

Fitness Test

6x300yrd shuttles (cone set at 50 yrd mark)

You should complete the shuttle in the 1:00 to 1:02 range with a 1:00 minute rest.

For us, the fitness test was cake. Don’t get us wrong, our legs were kind of shot from the run we did yesterday but we completed all of the shuttles in the 1:00 minute to 1:01 range. We were pretty pleased with ourselves. After the run, we decided to bike for about 30 minutes and then lift. The lift was really hard today! Maybe our bodies are just a bit tired, but we were exhausted by the time we were finished with our workout. Okay, let’s get to breakfast!

Jess’ Breakfast

Jess had her usual cereal bowl with a base of Kashi Honey Puffs and Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls topped with sliced banana and a bit of almond butter. On the side, an iced coffee from Dunkin’ with milk.
Less’ Breakfast

Less had her usual as well. A yogurt bowl consisting of greek yogurt, topped with honey and walnuts and a few pieces of dried mango to finish it off. (Jess thinks they look like tentacles).

After this morning we are both exhausted. We planned on taking naps before going to class/work, but with all of the new views on our blog we might just stay awake and work on it!

What kind of workouts do you prefer? Shuttles or long distance?

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