Before the premiere!

Hello again! We had a nice afternoon. We hung out at Jess’ house after work and class before going back across the river for pick up. We shared a Lara Bar before practice as a snack and Less also drank an iced coffee to help stay awake for the whole movie. We definitely aren’t used to staying up past 3 am!!

There were four of us at pick up and we decided to play juggling games and practice long balls. It was a good time! Afterwards, we were ready to eat dinner. Less put together a meal from Annenberg which included artichoke hearts, bell peppers, grilled chicken marinated in red wine vinegar and a little teriyaki sauce, and a side of corn and bean salad. Pineapple for dessert!

Jess ate a similar meal to last night. She made another sweet potato filled with Greek yogurt and cinnamon, and ate carrots and hummus. Jess had greek yogurt with frozen berries on top for dessert.





We also made some homemade popcorn for the movie! Can’t wait for the premiere! We are obviously excited since we keep talking about it! Hopefully it lives up to our expectations. We have heard good reviews so we are sure it will be great!!

Have you ever made homemade popcorn?


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