Hearty oats

We met this morning in the locker room at 5:55 to discuss our workout. We were in more of a rush this morning because we needed to be ready to meet up with the campers at 7:30 and go with them to breakfast. It took us a while to figure things out (our brains function a little more slowly SOy early in the morning!) This whole soy joke is something that came up after breakfast with our teammates and we think it’s hilarious. Haha one of our teammates doesn’t find it amusing though. Anyways, back to our workout! We decided to do a longer run around the river (5.6 miles). The first 10 minutes was our warm up and then we did 1 min running hard, 2 min running slower for 15 min and then we ran at a steady pace the rest of the loop. We were more than ready for a hearty breakfast after that workout! We ate breakfast at the business school dining hall. There were so many choices but Jess and I both went with one of our favorite breakfast meals: OATMEAL. I topped mine with flax seeds and a little brown sugar and cinnamon and Jess also added skim milk and some raisins. I also had a plate full of fruit. My breakfast was so big that I couldn’t finish it all but it was so good! Each of us also had an iced coffee (mine was black, Jess put a little skim milk in hers) to help us stay alert during camp.

It’s not as hot today as it was yesterday but it is still very humid out. How do you deal with the humidity? See you after lunch time!



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