Can you call these snacks?

Sometimes we get hungry between meals and need some sort of snack. Last night I treated myself to some froyo after soccer. I was hungry from having eaten dinner so early and was craving something sweet. I ordered a small half-original, half-banana graham topped with blueberries. Jess bought herself a large ice coffee earlier during the day to have energy for working camp and brought an apple with her from the dining hall to eat after dinner. I don’t know if froyo and coffee necessarily qualify as snacks but hey who is to judge? A few days ago, I had some prunes and a small handful of nuts as a snack. Bananas with almond or peanut butter are also typical Jess and Less snacks. What are your favorite snacks?




3 thoughts on “Can you call these snacks?

  1. Froyo=definitely a snack in my book:) My favorite snack lately has been Honey Greek Yogurt topped with a chopped up frozen banana, walnuts, and blueberries…ohmygosh so good!


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