This morning we had a pretty great workout. We usually meet in the locker room at 6:00am to figure out what workout we are going to do, and this morning we agreed on a sprint workout.

Sprint Workout

18x20yrds 20sec rest

10x40yrds 30sec rest

8x60yrds 45sec rest

6x80yrds 60sec rest

4x100yrds 75sec rest

Let me tell you, it was a killer! We were both exhausted by the end of the workout, and had to stretch for a good 40 minutes after. After the workout Less went to her room and prepared her usual yogurt bowl which included greek yogurt, honey, dried cranberries and raspberries. I once again had a bowl of cereal. Today I mixed Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls with Kashi Honey puffs. I really love to mix two different cereals together for added texture. I then topped it with sliced banana and Trader Joe’s (TJs) unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I think we both have pretty routine breakfast choices. Maybe we will switch it up a bit in the future! We are both off to work. I wonder what Less is going to have for lunch?

Do you ever mix cereals for breakfast?

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