What did you have for lunch?

Hey Everyone, it’s Jess!

I hope you all had a great morning. As soon as it turns 12:00pm, I am usually starving but my roommate was leaving for a two week trip to London so I stayed around a little bit longer to send her off. However, as soon as it hit 12:30 I knew it was time to get some food! I went around the corner to the 24 hr Market and tackled their all you can eat salad bar. I filled my container with an assortment of yummy salads.
I had a bit of tuna salad, a few artichoke hearts, a sprouts salad and greek salad. Then I spotted the fruit which looked too good to pass up so I added two cubes of cantaloupe and a slice of grapefruit to satisfy my (very dangerous) sweet tooth. Less was able to get some of her lunch from the dining hall. She paired some grilled chicken with some leftover pesto pasta to make a healthy meal. And on the side accompanied her pasta with a hummus, carrots, and peas plate. I think we both did a pretty good job today as far as being healthy! Much needed after consuming nearly a pint of vanilla frozen yogurt this weekend. We are definitely going to get back on track and decrease the froyo intake. Froyo should be a vegetable, right?

What did you have for lunch today?

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