Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to our blog! We are Jess & Less, two Harvard athletes that love food and working out. Every day we work out together and we usually eat meals together as well. Because we love food so much we can never decide what we want to eat and often turn to each other for advice. We currently live in Cambridge, MA and have discovered many wonderful cafes and restaurants over the last couple years. We finally got our act together and decided that we would document our daily food intake by writing our own blog.

This morning I (Less) went to great place for brunch called Cafe Luna. I couldn’t decide between sweet or savory but I had looked at the menu the night before and had sort of decided that I wanted pancakes. I ordered three buttermilk pancakes with fruit on top. They were delicious!! The pancakes were soft (not super fluffy though) and even though the batter was cooked all the way, they almost tasted undercooked in a doughy kind of way. Yum yum just how I like it! Unfortunately, I was too hungry when I got my food and completely forgot to take a photo. Next time! It’s a beautiful day in Boston and I decided after eating to enjoy some sun and go on a bike ride along the river. I had never biked past the Esplanade before until yesterday and I think it’s one of my favorite spots in Boston. So beautiful. Anyways, I am going out to dinner tonight. Not sure where yet, but I’ll be sure to take a picture of my food this time!

I ate brunch pretty early so I started getting hungry in the early afternoon. I went to a meeting and there was some food. I ate a slice of spinach pizza from Noch’s and some Lizzie’s ice cream. Not the healthiest, but it was sure good. Then I played soccer for over an hour. There were only four of us so we had a mini soccer practice and played some soccer tennis. We got creative and used a bench as our net.

Dinner was so great! I am not used to taking pictures of my food before eating it, but I still managed to get a photo before I ate it all! We went to Cellar in the Garden in Cambridge. It was my first time eating there. I ordered a tomato soup with grilled cheese. The last time I had that combination it was a couple years ago at Upstairs in the Square in Harvard Square. I was so happy with my meal.

Alright that’s it for our first post. More to come tomorrow! ~ Jess & Less

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